L8 Risk Management Ltd (L8RM) is a consultancy business which provides a comprehensive range of services designed to control the risks associated with Legionella bacteria. These include Legionella risk assessment of cooling, process and domestic water systems and all other potential risk systems (i.e. Spas, swimming pools, air conditioning, machine tools, etc.); Monitoring and Inspection services of domestic water systems, Cleaning of Domestic, Process and Cooling Systems including Cold Water Storage Tanks, Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers. Online disinfections are also undertaken. L8RM also offer Off-site UKAS accredited analytical services for both chemical and microbial parameters; and Independent consultancy services.


Telephone: 01527 529312
Mobile: 07454 800843 (Dave Jackson)
Mobile: 07535 144177 (Russell Thompson)
Email: info@l8risk.co.uk


L8 Risk Management Ltd
Unit 52 The Washford Industrial Estate
Heming Road
B98 0EA
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